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I'm Cheryl Perez (CP)

Alicia Robinson

Executive Director

“Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable in her field.  She knows what steps are necessary to help your organization move to the next level.  She is definitely an asset to an organization looking to succeed​.”

Dori Parker,

Board Member

“Inspiring, informative, encouraging! I was overwhelmed, looking for guidance through our strategic plan, the information is invaluable to reinvigorating and accomplishing our goals.”

"I would recommend working with Cheryl to someone who might be on the fence because she has given us the necessary tools to be effective and works closely with us following her assessment. Three benefits we’ve experienced as a result of working with Cheryl are:  1) Identifying what we had not done.  2) Identifying what we should be doing.  3) Determining how to go about doing it!"

Lizzie Thompson, Development Officer

You are ready….you wanna start your business…


You want to turn that side hustle into your only hustle...


And you're trying to get all of the thoughts together in your head on exactly when, why, what and how you're going to do it? 


And you will...I promise!


Well...give yourself 1 weekend to work through your idea & get the focus and confidence you need to make it happen.... 


And use this "high demand" CP 30 page workbook to do it! 


Go ahead...

I dare you to see what you are really made of!

Feeling all alone and stuck in your entrepreneurial journey? 


Looking for steps and help but not really sure what to do or where to go? 


Feel like you are on a hamster wheel that is not really getting you any closer to the lifestyle of wealth and freedom you desire? 




That’s why… I made this growth strategy workbook (I use it every year)...


It will help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses so you can create the game plan to get to that freedom you deserve!


You've been wearing all kinds of hats in your business... so you are growing and now you have a more complex team on your hands (or no team at all). 


You recognize that you need to create some HR structure and processes.. but you don't know how….


You have even said to yourself...I need to get some help!  But the idea of having to figure out what really needs to be done, make a job description, find someone to hire, bring them on board (If you can afford them) and TRAIN them too?

It's OK, we got you... Let's talk about it. Click below to get a FREE assessment...



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