About Me

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I'm Cheryl "CP" Perez

I coach, train, and speak to people who desperately want to start and grow a business and a team that will allow them to experience the financial and lifestyle freedom of entrepreneurship, so they can live a life that they love and share their passions with the world. I show them how to stop feeling stuck and frustrated, once and for all, and I give them the tools and actionable steps to reach their goals for success without all the stress, wasted time, and wasted money while avoiding BIG mistakes along the way.


With over 23 years of experience and training in business coaching, small business and nonprofit development, and public speaking expertise under my belt, I possess a uniquely qualified insider view of what makes a business truly succeed. Now, as the owner of multiple successful businesses, I have the hindsight to see the steps clearly and help others navigate their entrepreneurial journeys.  I started out “in the trenches” as a solopreneur and I have personally taken each and every step along the road to success and am honored to be entrusted with sharing that road map with other entrepreneurs who are ready to pursue their own business and team building adventures.


Are you looking to make a real change? Are you ready to create a life of passion & freedom? Transform your business with my help...  

Like you, I have seen plenty of life's ups and downs that can get to the best of us. With one would-be guru after another lining up with the promise that only they can let you in on the secrets to success in your business and life. How can you sift through all the promises to attain real results and achieve the financial, decision making, and lifestyle freedom you crave and deserve?


At important career, business and life intersections, how can you know which paths to choose? Who has been where you are and truly has a passion to help others grow?


Well....my passion is working with entrepreneurs- because I've seen everything that it takes to finally get to that point of freedom, and I am evidence that if you put the right processes and strategies in place in your business you can taste high 6, 7, and 8 figure business success!


And...sharing that experience and expertise is my joy!

My Bio and Why I Can Help You

  • 15 Years of Training & Coaching Expertise

    With over 20 years of experience in business coaching, business development training, and public speaking expertise under my belt, I really do possess a uniquely qualified insider view of what makes a business truly succeed. Now a successful owner of multiple businesses, I started out “in the trenches” as a young corporate sales executive. As I built my knowledge and skills base while a rising star in the benefits industry, I soon came to the realization that my true dream was to own a business of my very own.


    With tremendous pride (and—in all honesty—a little nervousness!), I registered her first LLC in the early 2000s, officially hanging out my shingle as a business owner. From those beginnings grew what is now the largest African American Female owned HR Consulting & Coaching firm in the Cleveland area and a highly sought after online business coaching practice.


    I have personally taken each and every step along that road to success and am honored to be entrusted with sharing that road map with other entrepreneurs who want to have a business and life they love!

  • 1000's of Clients & Awards from Around the World

    Having worked directly with hundreds of business owners and thousands of their employees (in the USA and Africa)—as well as learning firsthand from my own experiences building businesses from the ground up—I never promise to deliver any magic “tricks of the trade”. What I will bring to the table are the actual tools of the trade, and I can teach the skills needed to use them to build the leadership and business skills that will take you to the next level.


    Today, I am only able to accept a limited amount of students in my 1-1 programs, but am working diligently to develop group coaching and online courses, that will have that same impact on even MORE student's lives.  


    I'm also honored to have been recognized for several honors and awards in my journey including being named Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year for 2019 as well as a 2019 Honoree for Women for Economic Leadership and Development (WELD), the Progressive Woman Award from Smart Business Magazine, the Achievement in Excellence Award from National Sales & Marketing Executives (NSME), the Phenomenal Business Woman Distinction from the Presidents’ Council, as well as Distinguished Alumni status from my alma mater.

  • Step-by-Step Training with a Results Orientated Approach

    If there is one thing I hate... it's things that waste my time. So trust me when I say, if you are working with me and not getting results then I'm wasting your time... AND THAT... I JUST CAN'T DO!


    My coaching style is a bit different because my brain naturally breaks everything down in to a step-by-step process.  Give me a goal and I will map out the steps to get there from start to finish...even on a napkin if you have one handy (embarrasses my kids all the time). 


    My style focuses on providing module based online video lessons and courses and solidifying what you learn even more through our 1-1 bi-monthly coaching and accountability sessions.


    We discuss each process and aspect of your business from operations & management, to HR, to sales & service, to marketing, and based upon that assessment, I teach you how to set it up or fix it step-by-step! 


    Oh yeah... and you will get classroom style homework along the way too!

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