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  • "One of my favorite things of all time to do is work 1-1 with entrepreneurs who are driven, passionate, and focused on starting and growing a business.  The rush of helping to guide, teach and support them, and share my experiences, enables me to truly walk in my purpose. I am more like a personal trainer for your business muscles- our focus is to drop the dead weight and get stronger as small business owners. 


    When you started your business, no one gave you a step-by-step guide...well...not yet....cuz I will... so let's get to work!"


    Cheryl Perez "CP"


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  • "The energy of a great crowd of people who are thirsty for knowledge is definitely my thing!  I've been speaking for crowds both large and small since the 7th grade.  And even then, my style is a combination of inspiration, motivation, and practical step-by-step training.  My goal is to make sure everyone who walks away from one of my events feels ready to tackle the world... with a workbook in hand to get it done :-)"


    Cheryl Perez "CP"


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  • "So, if you were paying attention heard how much I love teaching and presenting, and CPTV is my new born baby because of that!


    I love being able to teach and share twice per week in such an entertaining way on YouTube. 


    The channel is designed to be a "quick video" training library of everything about starting and growing a business and team.  It feels very much like I'm looking out into a large crowd, but am still able to connect with people one-on-one! 


    I just want everyone who goes there to leave with something they can implement into their entrepreneurial journey!"  


    Cheryl Perez "CP"


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  • Join My Start Up Business Academy

    Create the business you’ve always dreamed of -learn where to start and what steps you need to take when setting up your business- so you can live a life of freedom and flexibility. 


    This membership program allows us to work together on setting up your business without the cost of my traditional 1-1 coaching program.  With over 100 training videos, templates, tools, and group coaching sessions with CP, this academy has what you need to get your start-up business off the ground and into the 6-figure business of your dreams!


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Don't take my word for it, check out what some of you think!

Alicia Robinson

Executive Director

“Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable in her field.  She knows what steps are necessary to help your organization move to the next level.  She is definitely an asset to an organization looking to succeed​.”

Dori Parker,

Board Member

“Inspiring, informative, encouraging! I was overwhelmed, looking for guidance through our strategic plan, the information is invaluable to reinvigorating and accomplishing our goals.”

I would recommend working with Cheryl to someone who might be on the fence because she has given us the necessary tools to be effective and works closely with us following her assessment. Three benefits we’ve experienced as a result of working with Cheryl are:  1) Identifying what we had not done.  2) Identifying what we should be doing.  3) Determining how to go about doing it!

Lizzie Thompson, Development Officer

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